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SCB Zoning Benefits

Benefits of the Shopping Center Business (SCB) vs. the Highway Business (HB) Zoning District

Southampton Venture, LLC has petitioned the Town of Southampton to rezone the Tuckahoe Center property from Highway Business (HB) to Shopping Center Business (SCB). The following chart details the myriad benefits to the Town of Southampton and its residents of the rezoning classification.

Shopping Center Business (SCB) vs. Highway Business (HB) Zoning for the Proposed Tuckahoe Center, County Road 39, Hamlet of Tuckahoe, Town of Southampton

District Requirements

SCB District

HB District

Minimum Lot Size220,000 square feet40,000 square feetSCB: A single cohesive community retail center, instead of piecemeal strip development along the CR 39 corridor
Minimum Front Yard100 feet50 feetSCB: Twice the front yard allows for a substantial, attractive landscaped buffer along the roadway frontage, improving views along CR 39
Maximum Lot Coverage20 percent30 percent SCB: The maximum lot coverage permitted in the HB Zone is 30 percent, the coverage under the Tuckahoe Center Plan is 20 percent which is consistent with the SCB Zone
Grocery Store PermittedYesNoSCB: Will address need for a supermarket in this section of the Town and will reduce vehicle miles traveled for supermarket shopping
Enhanced Design Guidelines*YesNoSCB: Guidelines would apply (e.g., roof style, etc.) such that buildings would be consistent with and enhance Town and neighborhood character
Significant Public Benefit*YesNoSCB: A public benefit will be provided for the proposed supermarket, the specifics of which will be determined through consultations with the Town
Required Technical Analyses*YesNoSCB: Traffic and market analyses were provided as part of the formal application process. Detailed environmental analyses have been provided as part of the formal application process

*As required by the Code of the Town of Southampton for buildings greater than 15,000 square feet in the Shopping Center Business zoning district.